A small specialty refiner that’s big on performance.

Who We Are

Founded in 1972, Chemical Process and Production, Inc. (CP&P) is a small refinery specializing in custom distillation with co-product and bi-product streams. CP&P’s service-orientation and professional expertise allows us to meet and exceed customer expectations. Located in the town of Santa Fe, Texas, CP&P combines small town values with big city performance, to accommodate customers to the best of our abilities. Our equipment, procedures and the quality of care that our seasoned professionals put into each product provides customers with top performing streams. We enjoy a stellar reputation with environmental agencies (particularly TCEQ) and have recently created a top-notch research and development capability. One visit to our plant will convince you that CP&P has the most effective, state-of-the art solutions for your custom distillation challenges. 

What We Do

Our core competency is distillation. CP&P provides materials management services to our clients in the chemical processing industry, adding value to their manufacturing processes. We’re flexible and adaptable and with our newly expanded R&D capabilities, we’re able to meet your most challenging refining needs.

Toll Processing

Consider CP&P as your satellite operation for stream processing. We process your material to meet your needs or to supply your customers.

Chemical Stream Brokerage

If you have a remnant or unwanted stream, we have proven results marketing to the best possible outlets for produced material.

Custom Distillation

In addition to the streams we process regularly, we use computer modeling and analytical methods to process and produce valuable quality products.

Waste Minimization

CP&P is not a RCRA facility so please don’t ask us to accept waste. On the other hand we’re highly experienced at handling streams that may be classified as waste, but actually have a beneficial use. Talk to us about how we can work on your behalf with TCEQ to get your streams re-classified.